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Sandstone Nguni
an abundant herd

De Molen farm is home to the Sandstone Nguni stud herd.

The nguni is a breed of cattle indigenous to Africa. They are treasured for their unique beauty, adaptability and resiliance.

A visit to De Molen will not be complete without taking time to admire these magnificient animals within their picturesque setting. A sentiment summed up wonderfully in the following passage from the book “The Abundant Herds”.


"The sight of Nguni cattle at pasture - their multiple patterns & colours, the delicacy of the cows, the fine, strong conformation of the bulls, the strength of horned oxen - is a sight that has entranced pastoralists for thousands of years.

Throughout the ages, then, the well-being of the herds & the well-being of men have been so closely connected that cattle have become part of the spiritual & aesthetic lives of people"

(Poland,Hammond-Tooke & Voight). 

De Molen Farm

Golden Gate / Clarens Road
Free State
South Africa